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Use Pandora, Spotify, Netflix and other services outside U.S.
Just change DNS to these IP and you are all set:

— primary:

— secondary:

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 What is this

Portaller — is DNS and proxy server. Since it is located in NY you can use geo-locked websites in countries outside U.S.

We support Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, HBO Now and Amazon Video.

 How it works

When your browser is trying to open a website it asks DNS about its IP. For all not geo-locked websites Portaller returns their original IP and you communicate directly.

In other cases, Portaller returns his own IP instead of original.

 How to setup

In order to use it you have to change the DNS of your computer, mobile device or router to IP shown above.

N.B. Set primary and secondary address. If something happens to Portaller, geo-locked sites can be not available but any other websites will.

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